We Will

The WE WILL youth mental health group are based in Maryport, Cumbria and have been campaigning to improve youth mental health for several years.

Supported by staff from Ewanrigg Local Trust, group members have created several films, won many awards, have lobbied members of parliament and visited Westminster to meet with MPs and ministers. Like many groups, their plans for 2020 have been affected by the current situation, but the group have adapted their approach and are continuing to circulate their important messages in other ways. If you are able to help to share their ‘JUST LISTEN’ message – they would really appreciate it.

Take a look at their films (links below) and please feel free to share. We aim to share content between 4 May and 18 May.


Young people reveal that the simplest and most effective way of helping themselves and others to cope during challenging times is to JUST LISTEN.

To share this message the WE WILL youth mental health group are launching their latest film, JUST LISTEN.

WE WILL say that listening better is a vital skill that can save relationships, health and lives. They ask, ‘Will you be THAT person who steps up and LISTENS BETTER?’

LISTENING BETTER can be improved in minutes – watch ‘BOY’ to understand WHY it’s important to listen:

To find out HOW to listen watch their new film ‘JUST LISTEN’:

WE WILL – will you? https://www.ewanrigg.com/wewill

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Listen to your gut feeling. If you think someone needs professional mental health support encourage them to tell a teacher or health worker.

If you think someone is at risk you must act, tell a trusted adult, seek support or ring 999. For a list of youth mental health support and resources see:

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Sam Wilkinson
Ewanrigg Local Trust