Group/organisation support & development

Cumbria CVS development team provides information and development support for charities, community groups and social enterprises. We work with groups/organisations to enhance and develop their confidence, leadership and skills to develop their capacity to provide services within the community. We’ve worked with many new and established organisations over the years so we have lots of experience in helping build strong, healthy foundations for their organisations.

We can help you too so contact us if you’d like help with:

  • setting up a new organisation
  • choosing the right legal structure, including CIO (charitable incorporated organisation), a charitable company
  • drafting a constitution or other governing document
  • funding and sustainability
  • writing a business plan
  • registering as a charity and help with charity law
  • roles and responsibilities of management committee members or trustees
  • running your organisation well
  • policies and procedures for staff and volunteers
  • working with other organisations from building links to developing partnerships and mergers
  • trading and generating income
  • getting ready for commissioning
  • issues around employing staff
  • monitoring and evaluating what you are doing

This isn’t everything we do. If you’re not sure whether we can help, please do contact us. Even if we can’t help, we’ll probably know someone who can.

Call us on 01768 800350

How we work
We provide our development service in one to one sessions, by phone and by email. We can also deliver help through training sessions, workshops and surgeries.

We work to build independent, strong, healthy organisations. We aim to help you recognise your own strengths and learn how to develop your own organisation.

Organisational Health Checks

All third sector organisations need to ensure that not only are they providing the quality of service that meets their client needs but that they have all the necessary processes in place to ensure that their organisation is in good shape for the future.

Completing a Health Check will help check that your organisation is operating in the optimum way, meeting all legal requirements, operating according to good practice and will help to identify any issues you may need to work on:

Cumbria CVS Development Officers can assist you in this process and provide support to ensure your organisation is in the best shape possible to face the future. Call 01768 800350

Free Support for Copeland Groups

Cumbria CVS is offering FREE governance training sessions for groups working to benefit Copeland residents. These sessions are  funded the by the Copeland Community Fund.

Governance is a term used to describe the trustees’ role in the long term direction of the organisation, including objectives or purposes, implementing policies and activities to achieve objectives, complying with legal requirements and accountability to those with an interest or ‘stake’ in the charity.

Sessions will be tailored to meet the needs of the organisation and could focus on areas including:

Roles and Responsibilities of your Management Committee/Trustees
Do your trustees/management committee understand their duties?  This session will help them to have a greater understanding of their obligations as a committee member/Trustee, including the legal duties/good practice for company directors/charity trustees, roles of the main officers and relevant law, policies and guidance.
The session could also include a skills audit and advice on recruiting new committee members/trustees.Ensure that all your policies and procedures are up-to-date including support to update these and/or adopt other relevant ones as appropriate.

Review the structure of your organisation
Is the structure of your organisation still fit for purpose?  How long it is since your governing document was reviewed?  Would it be better for you to adopt a more appropriate one, e.g. from an unincorporated group to a charitable incorporated organisation (CIO). Support is available to help you in this process

Undertake an Organisational Health Check
This Health Check is a must for all groups and will help you to ensure that your organisation is operating effectively, meeting all legal requirements and delivering according to good practice. It will also help to identify any issues you may need to work on and ensure you are “fit for funding”.

Review existing Policies and Procedures
Ensure that all your policies and procedures are up-to-date including support to update these and/or adopt other relevant ones as appropriate.

Limited sessions available – book yours today.

Contact – Bridget Johns on 01768 800350 or


You can download factsheets to guide you through the following topics: