The Cumbria Compact

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November ’22: We are reviewing the content on this page. You can view earlier information below.

The Compact outlines the relationship between the public sector and the voluntary and community sector in Cumbria allowing them to work together more effectively to strengthen communities and improve people’s lives.

Download the Cumbria Compact.
Download the Compact summary.


The Volunteering Code of Practice is part of the Cumbria Compact:

Download the Volunteering Code of Practice.

Positive Dispute Resolution Process

This document contains a description of what to do if you think that an organisation has broken the commitments made through the Cumbria Compact:

Download the Positive Dispute Resolution Process.

Compact Voice

Compact Voice is the voice of the voluntary sector on the Compact. They provide training and resources, and represent the sector’s concerns to the Government.

Audit tools for working together

Below you can download checklists which are an audit tool/quick reference for any work you might be undertaking.
‘VS’ refers to the checklists aimed at the voluntary and community sector, and ‘PS’ are the checklists for public sector organisations.