Cumbria Action for Health

Cumbria Action for Health is a network of third sector organisations with a health and wellbeing focus. The Network was brought together to help enable third sector organisations to be effective planning and delivery partners in local health, wellbeing and social care initiatives and decision making processes.

The current focus of the network is on the big changes happening to our health and care system as it becomes more integrated. We aim to provide up to date information about and access to strategic managers from both health and social care services in Cumbria.

 The Network gives groups the opportunity to:

  • promote themselves
  • find out about support, training, key contacts and good practice
  • keep up to date on health and wellbeing issues
  • find out about local, regional and national policies and access information which may affect groups and their beneficiaries
  • influence decisions made in Cumbria regarding health and wellbeing through consultations, and by representing the network at strategic meetings

Action for Health is open to volunteers, staff and trustees.

The network meets at least quarterly during the year, with additional events held as necessary to help support the sector around the changes currently taking place around the Integrated Care Communities. There are networking opportunities for the membership at each event.

Change of Service Directory

Our Service Change directory is getting updated every week by new information provided by the Action for Health Network members, who are sharing updates about their services during the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, as well as new services that are becoming available. We have also noted any cancelled services we hear about.

COVID-19 Service Changes Spreadsheet

Please note that this is not a comprehensive lists of all services in Cumbria but something we thought would be a useful resource to support the communities in Cumbria.

If you provide a service which is missing from this list, please get in touch with Clare Edwards (

Directory of Mental Health, Mental Wellbeing and Bereavement Support

This directory has been compiled by Cumbria County Council and may be a useful resource:

click here to download directory

Past Network E-Newsletters

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28 August 20 (COVID-19) Email // Attachments

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28 April 20 (COVID-19) Email // Attachments

23 April 20 (COVID-19) Email // Attachments

21 April 20 (COVID-19) Email // Attachments

16 April 20 (COVID-19) Email// Attachments

14 April 20 (COVID-19) Email

07 April 20 (COVID-19) Email // Attachments

02 April 20 (COVID-19) Email // Attachments

You can request past newsletters by contacting Clare Edwards

Network Support

Network Chair: Mike Taylor,

Network Co-ordinator Clare Edwards, Cumbria CVS Health Partnership Officer,

Network Terms of reference (Click to download)


The core membership of the network comprises of volunteers, staff and trustees from third sector organisations working in Cumbria that have an interest in health, wellbeing and social care issues. Associate members from public statutory bodies also attend, as the programme for the network events is aimed at improving relationships between the sectors and sharing updates and information key areas of interest.

Become a member

You can join the various mailing lists here and select the networks you are interested in joining.

We also run a twitter profile and you can follow us here:

Cumbria Action for Health Network  @ActionforHealth

Cumbria Third Sector Network

The Cumbria Action for Health Network is part of the Cumbria Third Sector Network, and the specialist network for ‘Health and Wellbeing’.

For more information about these networks please click here.