Cumbria Action for Health

Cumbria Action for Health is a network of third sector organisations with a health and wellbeing focus. The Network gives groups the opportunity to:

  • promote themselves
  • find out about support, training, key contacts and good practice
  • keep up to date on health and wellbeing issues
  • find out about local, regional and national policies and access information which may affect groups and their beneficiaries
  • influence decisions made in Cumbria regarding health and wellbeing through consultations, and by representing the network at strategic meetings

Action for Health is open to volunteers, staff and trustees.

To find out more contact:

Jozi Brown
Senior Representation Officer
01768 800350

Third Sector Representative on the Cumbrian Public Health Alliance
We recently advertised for a third sector representative to sit on Cumbria’s Public Health Alliance.

Thank you for everyone who voted recently, to elect a third sector representative on to the Public Health Alliance. I’m pleased to say that David Higham (Chief Executive of The Well) has been elected and will join Sheila Gregory (Chief Executive of Carlisle Mencap) in representing the views and highlighting the important role of the Cumbrian third sector. I’ve attached the role information to give you a reminder of david and Sheila’s role (Sheila also chairs the Alliance).

Many thanks to Penny Pullinger (Age UK South Lakeland) and Jane Gordon (Ulverston Mind) who also stood for the role. It’s really important and heartening  that we get such high quality applications in response to these third sector representation opportunities, as it shows the third sector commitment to informing and developing decisions and strategy making. Penny and Jane have both agreed to work with David and Sheila, to add their experience and useful perspectives around mental health and supporting older people. We’ll be utilising this e-bulletin to share and gather information to and from the Public Health Alliance, along with the other specialist networks within Cumbria.

Designing Cumbria’s Health and Social Wellbeing System
On the 13 April 2015 we held a third sector engagement meeting, focusing on the proposals for the health and social wellbeing system in Cumbria.

The aim of the system is to support people in Cumbria to live well, by addressing the factors that influence their health and well-being, and build their capacity to be independent, resilient and maintain good health for themselves and those around them. The system will include universal and targeted prevention activity that helps to:

  • Prevent people from developing long-term-conditions (such as diabetes)
  • Provide targeted intervention for people with recognised health and wellbeing needs (such as obesity, poor mental health, and ill health caused by wider issues, such as welfare and housing crisis)
  • Prevent or decrease the time for which a person requires the need for statutory intervention (by providing a health and social wellbeing system, the Council will be equipped to meet the prevention requirement at set in the Care Act 2014)
  • Prevent hospital admissions, and provide step-down from specialist services by using asset based approaches that help people to live independently within their communities
  • Through all of the above, realise and demonstrate a return on investment through reduced demand on services.

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Detailed responses to questions posed at the engagement event:

Presentation from the Cumbria Action for Health Network meeting
10 March 2015 – held at CREA, Penrith
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Local Health and Wellbeing Fora in Cumbria
There are five Health and Wellbeing Fora in Cumbria – Allerdale, Copeland, Eden, Barrow and South Lakeland (Carlisle has a Health City Steering Group as it has ‘Healthy City’ status).

The Fora are recognised by the Cumbria Health and Wellbeing Board as a local influencer and to explore effective methods of working with localities. The fora have a specific remit of having an overview of local issues, providing a means of bringing together partners, and connecting with local communities to mobilise resources to impact on health and wellbeing. They have a key role of ensuring that locality issues are represented at the Public Health Alliance and Cumbria Health and Wellbeing Board.

Link to the Health and Wellbeing Fora updates (produced for the Public Health Alliance):