The Specialist Networks

The specialist networks are shown as the ‘slices’ of the diagram, and comprise groups of third sector organisations with a common interest. The “outer wheel” gives areas of broad interest, whilst the “inner wheel” names infrastructure organisations and networks that already exist. Most, but not all, areas are currently covered.

Each specialist network selects a representative to attend meetings of the Cumbria Third Sector Executive.

Each specialist network must meet minimum standards relating to their membership and selection/support of representatives. However, beyond these minimum standards, there is wide variation between the networks. Some “networks” are in fact the membership of an organisation. Some only exist as email networks with minimal staff support; others may meet regularly.


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Email contact details for each Specialist Network are given below:


Specialist Network Contact Details

General Third Sector Support

David Allen, Cumbria CVS, CEO

Advice and Information

Citizens Advice

 Providing free, confidential, impartial and independent advice and information to people on their rights and responsibilities.

We provide the advice people need for the problems they face and campaign to improve the policies and practices that affect people’s lives.


Tara Edwards


Animal Welfare

Animal Welfare Network

 The animal welfare network brings together charities and organisations to improve the lives of animals and their owners throughout the region.


Caroline Johnson

Arts and Culture

Cumbria Arts and Culture Network (CACN)

CACN is a network for arts and cultural organisations and individual creative practitioners based in, or connected to, Cumbria. Our mission is to connect, empower, champion and extend arts and cultural provision within the region and beyond.


Kate Parry



Children and Young People

Children and Young People’s Voluntary Sector Reference Group

Enhancing the lives of families, children and young people in need, through collaboration between 200 networked organisations.


Becky Wolstenholme


Cumbria Sustainability Network

 Cumbria Sustainability Network is an informal group of community-based organisations who are working to reduce carbon emissions and promote environmental sustainability. It is administered through Cumbria Action for Sustainability and is part of the Zero Carbon Cumbria Partnership which aims to reduce carbon emissions in the County to Net Zero by 2037.


Helen Attewell


 Cumbria Local Nature Partnership

 Protecting and enhancing local environment and their wildlife and providing opportunities for local people and visitors to engage, enjoy and benefit, contributing to community cohesion and local economies.


Paul Evans


Economy and Enterprise

Cumbria Social Enterprise Partnership – Working in partnership to strengthen social enterprise in Cumbria

Promoting and supporting the development of social enterprises for local services and increasing community sustainability.



Pippa Smith


Equality and Diversity


We are currently working on strengthening this area of TSN as the organisations involved have changed.


Cumbria Funders Network

 Cumbria Funders have produced a forum of funders who are united in aspiration to support the communities and VCSE sector within Cumbria. With a focus on collaboration – convening funders to connect, contribute and work collectively. The forum is made up of a mixture of local and national funders.

Our agreed strategic aims are to collaborate, to share knowledge, to support each other and to drive best practise.


Jenny Benson



Churches Together in Cumbria

 Enhancing community cohesion and supporting the needs of local people through ecumenical community outreach and support.


Jo Phillips


Health and Wellbeing

TSNE Elected Representative to Cumbria CCC Health and Wellbeing Board Colin Ranshaw

Action for Health Network

Improving the physical and spiritual health and providing support services including ageing, mental health, learning difficulties and substance use.


Mike Taylor (Chair of Cumbria Action for Health Network)


Mental Health Provider Forum

Working with key providers of services to improve the lives of people with Mental Health. Equally, MHPF is a pressure group who work together to highlight areas of importance to the local Council/Health and MPs.

Metal Health Provider Forum web page


Denise Majer (Mental Health/Learning Disabilities and Autism Provider Forum)

Learning Disability Provider Forum

Working with key providers of services to improve the lives of people with Learning Disability. Equally, LDPF is a pressure group who work together to highlight areas of importance to the local Council/Health and MPs.


Denise Majer (Mental Health/ Learning Disabilities and Autism Provider Forum)

James Cox

Drug Harm Prevention Group

Understanding the impact that drugs have on the communities and services in Cumbria.

Dave Higham

Cumbria Addictions Board

The purpose of the Cumbria Addictions Board is to develop a joint, strategic approach to tackling addictions across Cumbria.

Dave Higham



We are currently working on strengthening this area of TSN as the organisations involved have changed.

Physical Activity, Movement and Sport

Active Cumbria

 Improving lives through physical activity and ensuring that everyone in Cumbria is enjoying an active lifestyle.

Bruce Lawson


ACTion with Communities in Cumbria

Rural and community development charity for Cumbria with 1,400 supporter base.

Championing rural and community issues, supporting communities to: Plan for the Future, Develop Projects, Work with Others, influence and change policy.

Lorrainne Smyth

Training and Learning

(currently vacant)


Cumbria Community Transport Forum

 Reducing physical and social isolation through promoting and supporting the provision of community transport.

Liz Clegg


County Volunteering Network

Increasing the capacity to provide invaluable services for the local community and increased community cohesion, together with enhancing the quality of life, health and well-being and skills of volunteers.

Judith Smale


Trustee Network

The Trustee Network brings together trustees & directors from different organisations to share experience, good practice, ideas and offer peer support. It will also look at sharing skills and knowledge between trustees, along with the best way of offering peer support between trustees in Cumbria.

Judith Smale