Eskdale Village Hall Drop In




An opportunity to meet Beresford Moyle Rosser, Development Officer for Cumbria CVS based in Millom and covering the South Copeland area. If you are an organisation or local voluntary group and are needing advice on obtaining grants or funds to help your cause or are looking for volunteers or trustees to join your group then Beresford might be able to help you.

It could be that you are thinking of starting a small voluntary group, but not sure where to begin. Beresford will be able to help you. Or maybe you are not sure that your current organisation is set up legally the way you would like it to be and not sure how to change it. Again Beresford will be able to have a look at the current legal form and give you some advice.

Or maybe you are just a person looking to volunteer some of your free time to a local cause in Eskdale – if so, please drop in and have a cuppa and see what is available in the area!

Eskdale Drop-in session 18 April 24


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