Final request and reminder: Volunteering in Cumbria Video

Our wonderful digital volunteer, Jonny, is creating a short video to highlight the amazing work so many different volunteers and community groups have done in Cumbria during Covid-19.

The aim of  is to raise the profile of volunteering, showcasing different volunteers and groups, the different types of opportunities supported and hopefully encourage new people to volunteer.

We are now finalising the video – if your organisation has any photos or videos of volunteers in action, or you want your charity logo to be included in the video, send them in by Friday 10 December 2021.

We would love to feature as many volunteers in the video as possible, and are aiming to launch the video in early 2022.

If you still wish to submit a video, record a short clip –  in landscape – on your phone saying:

  • Volunteer’s name, age, brief comment on if you are a student, retired, employed, unemployed, etc. and where you are from
  • What organisation or group you volunteer for and details about the volunteering opportunity
  • Why you volunteer and what you got/get out of it

The video needs to be really short (no longer than 30 seconds). If you can record a video of yourself actually volunteering this would look even better on screen! Videos can be emailed via using the email : Please specify in the message the name of the volunteer in the photo or video and which group or organisation you are from.