Living With and Beyond Cancer

Cumbria CVS is working with the Northern Cancer Alliance and Macmillan to support personalised care and recovery for people affected by cancer in North Cumbria.

A cancer diagnosis can affect anyone at any age and can impact many aspects of a person’s life.  The focus of recovery from cancer will always be on the best possible medical care and treatment available.  However, supporting people to overcome the many challenges they face on their cancer journey will also have a positive impact on recovery.

“One in three cancer survivors experience moderate to severe unmet needs at the end of treatment” – Macmillan Cancer Support

To provide the appropriate support for these challenges, Macmillan Cancer Support has developed the Recovery Package to help ensure that all cancer patients have equal access to all the support they need. This includes a Holistic Needs Assessment (HNA) which results in a personalised care plan that addresses all needs, going beyond the clinical care available and aiming to support people throughout their cancer journey and into living life beyond it.

Our project focusses on partnership working with colleagues in health and the voluntary sector in North Cumbria to make care more integrated with direct links through to wide variety of support provided by the voluntary sector.  We want people with a cancer diagnosis not only to have the best clinical and psychological care but also access to the rich variety of support from the voluntary sector, helping people with cancer overcome the many challenges they may face.

What we offer

During the Covid-19 Pandemic we have moved our support to online and telephone only.

Our team of skilled volunteers are able to offer:

·         A friendly listening ear.

·         Regular calls to keep you connected.

·         Discuss and identify what help and support you need.

·         Onward signposting to appropriate local community support.

·         Directing to reliable sources of information.

NEW *Cancer Support Workshop*

Loneliness and isolation are now a reality for many but even more so for people living with a cancer diagnosis. At a time when normal support networks are vital, they are now severely restricted and facing a cancer diagnosis is something people are doing alone.

Connecting with a cancer support group can provide the peer support that can make such a difference, but not everyone has made those connections and cancer support groups have also had to face the challenges of the new virtual world.

Macmillan Cancer Support, Macmillan Cancer Information Centre, Cumbria CVS and North Cumbria Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust have collaborated to host an online get together for support groups in Cumbria and those affected by cancer.

The virtual workshops will include help with connecting online and social media, cookery demonstration to cook along with, learn how to give yourself a hand massage, an exercise and movement class, information about the new community cancer nursing service in West Cumbria and open spaces to chat and re connect.

This is free event which will be held on 11 May 2021 from 11am to 3pm. You will need a device that can connect to the internet with a camera and microphone, and we will help you to connect to the online get-together.

If you would like to attend or for more information, please contact Jane Macfarlane at Cumbria CVS or call 01768 800350

Don’t be alone with cancer.

Online Classes

1 Exercise and Movement Classes 

The classes are held every Tuesday evening at 6:15 pm and are Delivered by Sarah Newby via Zoom.  The classes can help at all stages of the cancer journey, pre- and post-op and before and after treatment.  The classes are also available to those who care for someone affected by cancer.

Exercise has many benefits and can:

·         help reduce cancer related fatigue.

·         help preserve cardiorespiratory and muscular fitness.

·         help reduce treatment side effects.

·         improve psychological wellbeing.

To join just email


2 Emotional Resilience Workshops.  

Working with Ican Fitness these three interactive workshops have been designed specifically for people with a cancer diagnosis and their carers.  The workshops are delivered online and cover:

·         mindfulness

·         mental wellbeing

·         emotional resilience and coping strategies

Class sizes are kept deliberately small to encourage participation and create a friendly space for those attending.

To join just email

3 West Cumbria Cancer Support 

In Allerdale and Copeland we are developing a team of volunteers to work alongside the new Community Cancer Nurse Service. This work is funded by Macmillan Cancer Support.  We aim to be able to offer help in the following areas:

·         Shopping

·         Collecting prescriptions

·         Dog walking

·         Garden tidying

Get involved

If you are interested in any of our volunteering opportunities, we would love to hear from you.  For more information and to get involved please contact Jane Macfarlane

Privacy and Data protection for individuals involved in the project

Why do we want to keep your personal data?

The CVS and our volunteers believe that this will enable us to offer you a better service and avoid you having to repeat things if you choose to contact us.

What is our legal basis for using your personal details in this way?

We are asking for your consent to do this. You don’t have to give it and even if you do, you can withdraw your consent at any time, and we will remove all details from our records.

Who will we give this information to?

Only CVS staff and volunteers who are working on this initiative will see this information, and then only when absolutely necessary. We won’t pass your information to anyone else.

How long will we keep your information?

We will hold your personal information until 31st March 2021, when we will destroy it. This is when our contract with the CCG and NHS ends. If the contract is extended for any reason we will let you know.

Individuals already involved in the project

You have already given your verbal consent for Cumbria Council for Voluntary Service (CVS) to keep your personal details and record of any discussion between you and our volunteers.

You can ask us for a copy of the personal information we hold about you at any time. For details on how to do this and learn more about how we value and protect your personal data please read our main privacy notice here.