Cumbria CVS Volunteer Portal




Cumbria CVS Volunteer Portal basic run-through session for organisations.

This in-person session is for any local organisation that would find it helpful to see a live demonstration of how to register on the Cumbria CVS Volunteer Portal and how to add on your volunteer opportunities. You will also be shown how to create a printable flyer of your opportunities from the Portal, how to share on social media and how to invite your existing volunteers onto the portal.

The session will be an informal opportunity to ask questions and receive support as well as a networking opportunity. You will need to bring your laptop with you so that you can log-into the volunteer portal in real time and add your latest volunteer opportunities. A Cumbria CVS staff member will be on-hand to offer you help and support in navigating the basic functions of the portal from an organisational point of view and you will come away from the session feeling confident in how to use the portal and upload future volunteer opportunities for your organisation.

The session aims are:
· To give an overview of the Cumbria CVS Volunteer Portal.
· Show you how to register your organisation on the portal if you haven’t already done so.
· Show you how to add your volunteer opportunities as well as offer support in the best ways to word your opportunities for improved chances at recruitment.
· Show you how to create a printable version/flyer of your opportunities from the portal.
· Show you how to share your opportunities from the portal to social media.
· Show you how to invite your current volunteers onto the portal.
· Feel confident in how to use and upload future opportunities to the portal.
· Ask questions and receive in-person support from Cumbria CVS Volunteer Development Officer.
· Network with other local organisations.

Tea, coffee and water will be available throughout the session which will run 10:00 – 11:30. Please make sure you arrive on time for a prompt 10:00am start and remember to bring your laptop with you!
Come join us for a face-to-face session in Barrow on the Cumbria CVS Volunteering Portal and learn the basics in how your organisation can benefit from this free tool.
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