Tech Talk – July 2022

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Video: Why even the smallest charity needs to be cyber secure

This video from Charity Digital explores how all charities can look after their cyber security, whatever their size – and why they should.

How to optimise content for mobile devices

Ensuring your web pages and email communications are mobile friendly is vital if you want your digital output to work to its full potential.

The best online fundraising platforms for charities

A comprehensive look at some of the best free and cheap online fundraising platforms for charities.

Working from home: digital life hacks

Working from home can sometimes feel like a challenge. Here are some tips and tricks to help you stay motivated and get you through the day.

Video: How to master social media

Charity Digital explores five key steps charities can take to master social media.

Podcast: How to protect charities from fraud

A discussion on everything charities need to know about fraud, from the various risks they face to the steps they can take to prevent it.

How to pick a fundraising platform

Take a look at what charities need to think about when choosing a new fundraising platform and replacing legacy systems.

How to revise your digital strategy

Some top tips (and a webinar) on how (and when) to revise your digital strategy.

Social media for charities 101: LinkedIn

LinkedIn is so much more than an online CV directory. Find out how your charity can make the most of it.

What is ‘wide data’?

Charities that collect a small amount of data from many different sources can avoid the expense and complexity of vast data stores. Take a closer look at how your charity could benefit.

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