Tech Talk – August 2022

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Three ways to improve your fundraising

Charity Digital explores ways that charities can improve their fundraising, from collecting better data to building lifelong connections with their donors.

Will AI replace grant-makers?

A thought-provoking piece from Civil Society – Will the ability of Artificial Intelligence to automate an increasingly complex array of tasks and processes make certain jobs, even entire industries, redundant?

How charities overcame digital challenges

Learn about three charity projects and how they are working to overcome digital challenges.

Marketing for charities 101

An in-depth look at how charities can master marketing, with ideas around perfecting websites, building your blog, smashing social media, sending brilliant emails, and so much more.

Outsourcing advice: free digital advice for charities

Digital Candle is about to make its 1000th match, proving the continuing importance of digital advice. Charity Digital takes a look at Digital Candle and other places that offer free digital advice to the charity sector.

Charities more at risk to ransomware than other organisations, warns IT provider

Charities are more susceptible to ransomware attacks than other organisations because they hold “sensitive personal data” yet few have in-house IT expertise, a digital provider has warned.

How to choose a fundraising CRM

A new e-book provides charities with a checklist to help them find the right CRM system for their fundraising needs.

A guide to improving page loading speed

If your website is slow to load, your charity will suffer. Charity Digital shows you how to make sure your website loads more snappily.

Data is the new plastic

Charities can act now to limit the environmental damage caused by the storage of unnecessary data.

How to reach more supporters online

Find out how charities can grow their online presence, with tips and inspiration from organizations who have already perfected the art.

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