Summer holidays and autumn planning

Happy holidays from the South…

After soaring temperatures across the UK recently, we come to the end of another academic year.

Our south-based project ‘Inspiring Barrow’ successfully completed their sixth year of delivering after-school provision, ending with a celebration event with school year 7 who participated in the project. It continues to be a huge success, working with primary school children in years 5 and 6 and secondary 7 and 8, across the Borough.

22 schools participate each year, and the impact it has on the children is significant. It really shows the value to communities that voluntary sector organisations like ours make and shows the benefit of working in collaboration with statutory providers.

There is an abundance of school holiday provision held across the county, delivered by voluntary sector organisations and statutory services. These activities, many of which are free or low-cost, support families and help to keep young people active and engaged over the holiday period.

Once schools return in September, we will be starting work on a new project ‘South Lakes Poverty Truth Commission (PTC)’.

There are several PTCs across the country – the first one was launched in Scotland in 2009. A PTC is a response to poverty led by those directly affected by poverty. Its aim is to change perceptions, by promoting meaningful conversation and relationships between people experiencing poverty and people who control resources and services which help alleviate it. It is about moving from denial that poverty exists to an informed response to poverty in an area. Look out for regular updates on the new South Lakes PTC and to find out more please visit

So, on that note now school’s out will the weather hold out..?

Whatever your plans, have a lovely summer.

Ali Greenhalgh
District Manager (South)
Cumbria CVS