Call for videos of volunteers

Cumbria CVS is working with a wonderful digital volunteer called Jonny who will be helping to create a short volunteering video about volunteering in Cumbria and highlighting the amazing work so many different volunteers and community groups have done during Covid-19. The video will be used on social media and on the Cumbria CVS website. We will also share the video with other organisations and partners to share more widely so everyone in Cumbria can see the real impact volunteers have made to our local communities. The aim of the video is to raise the profile of volunteering in Cumbria during Covid-19, showcasing different volunteers and groups, the different types of volunteering opportunities volunteers supported and hopefully this will also encourage new people to volunteer.

We are looking for a range of different volunteers and groups from across Cumbria to either submit videos or photos of volunteering during Covid-19. We would love to feature as many volunteers in the video as possible. We are aiming to launch the video in January 2022 but record and edit the footage during the autumn.

Cumbria CVS would appreciate it if you could pass this email onto your volunteers and encourage them to get involved.

We kindly ask if your volunteers wish to take part that they complete and return their attached Cumbria CVS Volunteering Video and Photo Consent form to

We also kindly ask volunteers to record a short video in landscape on their phone saying:

  • Volunteers name, age, brief comment on if they are a student, retired, employed, unemployed, etc and where they are from
  • What organisation or group they volunteer for and details about their volunteering opportunity 
  • Why they volunteer and what they got out of it or get out of it

The video needs to be really short and no longer than 30 seconds. If the volunteers can be recorded of them actually volunteering this would look even better on screen! Videos can be emailed via using the email :

If any volunteer prefers not to speak then we are also hoping to include photographs in the videos of volunteers in action so these can also be emailed to via using the email :

When using please specify in the message the name of the volunteer in the video and which group or organisation the volunteer is from.

If any Volunteer Co-ordinators would like to submit a short Thank You Video message to their volunteers, we will do our best to include these messages to. Again, videos need to be no more than 30 seconds, and in the message on please specify your name and what group you represent.

If you have any questions, then please do contact me. I can be contacted on 01768 800350 or via email:   Please can all videos, photos and consent forms be returned by Monday 8 November 2021.

Thank you for your support and once again a huge, big THANK YOU to all groups and volunteers for the amazing community work and volunteering that has been done during Covid-19.

Cumbria CVS Volunteering Video and Photo Consent form


Judith Smale 

Volunteering Manager 

Cumbria CVS 

Telephone:  01768 800350