2022 June 29

Useful Information – July 2022

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Inspiring Eden – Jobs Fair 1 July 2022

The Penrith Jobcentre team are seeking attendance from clients they are supporting but the event is open to all, including older workers who may have left the labour market and may like to return to work, college and school leavers, and the refugee community.

A confidence-boosting alpaca experience

My Future participants attended an organised Alpaca and Llama Experience recently as part of a programme of activities.

This was a confidence boosting activity for the participants, who had the opportunity to meet and greet alpacas, feed them, and go on an alpaca and llama trek.

Project participants said that they thoroughly enjoyed learning about the animals, how they socialise with each other, and are cared for in their environment. One participants stated “I enjoyed the activity very much and meeting new people”. Another advised that “Trying new things is okay and the activity has improved my confidence”.