Grant programme from the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner

Message from Nicola Broomfield of the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner:

This grant programme exists specifically to identifying the barriers which people in Cumbria may face in accessing services when affected by sexual assault or abuse. This may be access to emotional or practical support services, therapeutic care, health services or the criminal justice system. The objective is to support local groups and other organisations to use their existing relationships with people from these underrepresented groups to research barriers and pilot initiatives to overcome them.

Cumbria Flood Recovery – Need Volunteers?

Following the Floods in Cumbria, a range of volunteers, have offered their time and skills to support the recovery efforts. So far these volunteers have undertaken a range of tasks including clean ups, cleaning, painting and decorating, warehouse support, moving furniture, administration and more.

If your organisation has any opportunities for these volunteers or is supporting clients that have been affected by the floods and could involve these volunteers either on a one-to-one basis or as a group, please contact:
Judith Holmshaw
01768 800350


Carlisle City Council has developed a draft Equality Policy that includes new equality objectives for 2016-2019. The policy ensures that the Council continues to meet the requirements of the Equality Act (2010), identifies how they can build on our achievements and continue to promote equality.
The Council is undertaking consultation on the document and welcome your feedback. You can view the draft Equality Policy (including the equality objectives) on the equality and diversity page of their website. Please see

Worried about Financial Year-End?

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end. (Seneca)

The more thorough the work that ends the year, the more accurate the beginning of the New.

Every Financial Year-End is similar, and follows a routine that includes the last bank reconciliation(s), the detailed verification and check of each Balance Sheet Asset and Liability, the stock count (if there are stocks), and the same questions to be asked, such as – do we still possess everything detailed on the fixed asset register? Is every debtor balance shown correct? And are they able to pay? And about the liabilities – are the Creditor balances correct, and does more need to be included for expenses incurred, but not yet invoiced to us, by the year’s end? etc.

Sports Relief Community Cash Fund

Sums of between £500 and £1,000 and are available through Cumbria Community Foundation.

Up to £10,000 of Community Cash money is available to small organisations that are helping local people living tough lives. It can support projects such as foodbanks, counselling and advice services, sports clubs/activities, training, skills building and volunteering projects, community groups and set-up costs for new groups and support groups.
For groups with an income of less than £100,000