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Cumbria CVS have developed a specific page relating to Covid-19 which is full of useful resources, advice and guidance, please visit:


Get into Volunteering in Cumbria during Volunteers’ Week 2021 in June!

Interested in volunteering in Cumbria? Want to find out about local volunteering opportunities and how your time can make a difference and become a volunteer? Then book your volunteer place today at the Get into Volunteering in Cumbria online events with local charities to find out how YOU can become a volunteer. These events are part of Volunteers’ Week 2021 and a fantastic opportunity to find out more about volunteering. Download the full table of Virtual Volunteer Information events here: table of Cumbria CVS Virtual Volunteer Information Full Events Table

All events have also been added to our website:

All Volunteers’ Week Virtual Volunteer Information Events will be online via Zoom and hosted by Cumbria CVS in partnership with different organisations.

To book your place register via Eventbrite.and search Cumbria CVS

This is an amazing opportunity to meet local charities, find out when and where they need volunteers, the volunteering opportunities that they have available, induction, training and support for volunteers, the benefits of volunteering and how to register and become a volunteer.

For full details of all events and to book your volunteer you can also see our designated Volunteers’ Week page of events here:


Volunteering can be so beneficial in enhancing self-esteem and confidence, gaining experience and knowledge, widening social networks and improving CV’s for future employment. Why not find out more about volunteering?

If you would like to volunteer contact Cumbria CVS today on 01768 800350 or email:

Cumbria CVS can help you to volunteer and help you find an opportunity that matches your skills and interests. We can advise you on what’s available in your local area and help you find something that meets your needs. There are lots of exciting opportunities including caring, administration, supporting disabled or older people, driving, conservation and being a trustee. Getting involved can change your life for the better – so why not give it a go?

Please note: We are currently finding as a result of covid19, some organisations are not actively recruiting new volunteers  – this is mainly due to current restrictions and the need to develop ways of safely protecting volunteers to return to volunteering. However, those that are recruiting, are looking to recruit volunteers for specific roles.

Where to start
Think carefully about what you want to do, where you might like to volunteer and how much time you want to give. Local organisations offer a variety of opportunities.

Once registered, we will provide you a selection of volunteering opportunities that may interest you. We will provide you with information about each opportunity and can put you in touch with local organisations so that you can progress things with them directly.

For the latest Cumbria Volunteer Vacancies please see below:

Virtual Volunteering in Cumbria

Barrow Volunteer Vacancies Spring 2021

Carlisle Volunteer Vacancies Spring 2021

Eden Volunteer Vacancies Spring 2021

South Volunteer Vacancies Spring 2021

West Volunteer Vacancies Spring 2021

Living With and Beyond Cancer are looking for volunteers in West Cumbria.

Could you support people with a cancer diagnosis in West Cumbria? Volunteers are needed to help with:

Do you have time to spare to offer practical, social and emotional support to people with cancer?

Become a volunteer and make a difference to people Living With and Beyond Cancer by completing this form and returning to:

Working in partnership with Macmillan Cancer Support

Cumbria CVS is also looking to recruit a team of Virtual and Digital volunteers to support a range of their services which are in turn linked to volunteering, cancer support, funding support, CVS services, etc.
Volunteers would need to have skills in any of the following areas: digital design, ICT, graphic design, digital marketing, video editing, designing content for social media, hosting on-line forums or using digital platforms. These roles are predominately home based volunteering opportunities so volunteers will need access to their own computer, smart phone or internet. (Virtual) discussions/meetings will also take place as and when and dependent upon the role.  For more details on each role please click and download the Volunteer Role Descriptions:

If you would like to become a Cumbria CVS Digital Volunteer please complete and return this Cumbria CVS Volunteer Form to Please click here to download: CVS Internal Volunteer Record Form

Community Action – How you can make a difference in your community
Community action starts with looking at how we can help our neighbours and those in need in and around our local communities. The recent lockdown showed how all of us could make a big difference by making small changes by simply being kind to each other and reaching out to those in need.   Here are 10 simple ways you can help people out in your local community – Factsheet: How you can make a difference in your community

Online Volunteer Training

Some organisations are still looking at how they can start to bring volunteers back safely during Covid-19. Some of these online training courses may interest you and support you in your volunteer role when volunteering during the pandemic or when you are looking at becoming a new volunteer. They are all free online training courses – Online Training for Volunteers.

Staying safe when volunteering during Covid-19

When you are volunteering or looking at becoming a new volunteer during Covid-19 it is important to stay safe and be aware of how you can do this. It is important to protect yourself when volunteering, as well as keeping others safe and help to support the reduction in the spread of the virus. Here are some simple guidelines in how to stay safe when volunteering during Covid-19.  FACT SHEET – Staying Safe When Volunteering During Covid 19

What to do next?

Contact Cumbria CVS to :

Contact us:
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We are open five days/week: Monday to Thursday 9am – 5pm; Friday 9am – 3pm

Please note currently some staff continue to work from home but we continue to offer our services virtually either online, email or telephone.

Currently our telpehone hours are 10am – 2pm (emails are as above).

Alternatively, you can visit website to find a volunteering opportunity that interests you click the “apply for this opportunity” button and complete the online registration form.

Additional support
This can be provided to anyone interested in volunteering – if you need support, please ask.

Tell Us!
If you have any comments, feedback, compliments and/or complaints regarding the Cumbria CVS Volunteering Service, please email
Alternatively contact Judith Smale, Volunteering Manager for Cumbria CVS directly on 01768 800350 or email: