Building Resilience Together Conference





Building Resilience Together Conference

Learning from Cumbria’s experience


Register your interest to celebrate with us the achievements and learning of the Rebuilding Together programme.

Join us to explore and celebrate the achievements and learning of the Rebuilding Together programme, which was funded by The National Lottery Community Fund following Storm Desmond.
ACTion with Communities in Cumbria, Cumbria Action for Sustainability, and Cumbria CVS came together, and worked with wider partners to help prepare communities for severe weather events, such as flooding or heavy snow, and other emergencies, and to support their recovery from these. Over the course of the project, this work developed into a much broader approach to supporting Cumbrian communities to become more resilient.

We often hear “community resilience” used to mean “community emergency planning”, and whilst community emergency planning has been an important part of our work, it has been part of a much broader programme of activity. Our work expanded to include work on neighbourliness, strengthening community networks and building social capital – but also to develop a much closer relationships at a strategic level – a “Communities to COBR” approach.

We will present the programme’s activities as “layers of resilience” – work with individuals, households, communities, formal voluntary sector organisations, the local statutory sector and partnerships, and with national organisations – that all contribute to increasing a community’s ability to prevent, plan for, respond to and recover from emergencies.

We are delighted to share this learning with you by giving an overview of our activities, the resources created and where to access them, and of what we’ve learnt along the way.


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