Focus on Funding Forum



Friday 5 February 2021

Join other Cumbrian VCFSEs to explore place-based partnerships and The National Lottery Community Fund’s Partnerships programme.

Building on the place-based approach of previous funding forums, the aim of this forum is to facilitate you to explore and consider working in collaboration and partnership with other VCFSEs in your area and apply for TNL Community Fund Partnerships programme.

The National Lottery Community Fund has recently re-opened its regular funding programmes: Awards for All, Reaching Communities and Partnerships.  We are delighted to be joined this month by Duncan Nicholson, Head of Regional Funding and Amelia Nicholson, Funding Officer from The National Lottery Community Fund North East & Cumbria Team to learn more about these programmes, with particular emphasis on the Partnerships programme.

Book your place on this month’s funding forum by clicking on the link below: