#Much Needed

#Much Needed Time
Having just returning from a week’s annual leave (that I didnt think I needed or wanted), I can honestly say that it was great and was much needed!  I have returned more energised, engaged and have rediscovered the ability to think clearly.

Continuing to function throughout this pandemic has been hard on everyone – whether that is working (from home), home educating kids, being on furlough, volunteering, and/or supporting friends and family. It is possible that we have all underestimated the impact it is having on us and our colleagues. “Im fine” seems to be a standard response.

As lockdown eases, the pressure is once again increasing for many with the re-opening of offices and businesses, including charity shops and the continued delivery of services, coupled with the return of staff from furlough and re-engaging with volunteers – all in the face of a very challenging financial backdrop.

The need to – take five – have a rest – enjoy a long weekend – take a breather – relax and chill – even take a holiday – have perhaps never been more important and yet often feel like the wrong things to do when the world around us is in continuous turmoil.  But it is important to remember that these pressures will not disappear overnight, and so taking some time (no matter how short) to look after yourself may help you to be better placed to look after your team and/or your organisation.

#Much Needed Resources and Support
Here at Cumbria CVS, we have been busy developing opportunities and resources to help you through these dfficult times including:

Volunteering: regular information, advice and support through our Volunteer Managers Network, which has recently provided weekly meetings to discuss topics of relevance including the re-opening of Charity Shops, the re-engagement and retention of volunteers, recruiting digital volunteers and micro-volunteers and much more (see Volunteering section).
We have also worked alongside partners to develop and manage the Support Cumbria website.

Funding: our funding advisers have been working with a large number of local groups, providing advice and support on a range of relevant funding opportunities (and in many cases funds) during this pandemic. This week they are introducing a new (monthly) online funding session to further engage with and support local groups (see Funding Focus section) – currently there is already 33 groups already booked.

We also recently ran Fundraising in the Time of Covid19 sessions with CCF and Tarnside Consulting, which were attended by CEOs and Trustees – and provided an opportunity to create a space where these individuals could think strategically about future fundraising opportunities. We hope to offer further fundraising training in the near future (watch this space).

In summary, I hope that you all find some time to do some #Much Needed things – whether it is time off or planning for the future – and that if Cumbria CVS can help in any way, please do contact us – we are always happy to help.

Ali Phillips
Support Services Manager
Cumbria CVS