Mental Health and Mental Wellbeing Partnership

The Cumbria COVID-19 Mental Health and Mental Wellbeing Partnership are very keen that all agencies are proactive in supporting the mental wellbeing of our population during the COVID0-19 pandemic.

With this in mind please find attached some notes for staff and volunteers having conversations with vulnerable people, my thanks to Sue Sanderson for all her work in putting these together:
Scripts for those in conversation in with vulnerable people – mental wellbeing

These are designed to assist staff and volunteers in any agency to open and maintain a conversation about psychological wellbeing. They include some key places where people may be signposted  if they are struggling and should be issued along with the directory attached which provides a fuller list of potential supports. I am working to get this directory available on-line.

It is anticipated that specific notes for School staff will be available in the coming weeks.

Please also find the Mental Health and Wellbeing Directory attached: click here