A time to reflect on our achievements…

So here we are approaching the end of another Covid blighted year with as yet no real confidence of an end in sight. Rather than let that depress us further let’s look back on what we actually achieved in the past year in spite of so many unprecedented challenges.

We saw communities across Cumbria find new ways of working together, new ways of getting jobs done, new ways of communicating with each other and new ways of coping with restricted ways of living of a kind not experienced in most of our lifetimes. This was true of those many thousands who kept the county’s voluntary and community sectors alive, vibrant and functioning to meet peoples’ needs no matter what was thrown at them.

It was also true of staff, Trustees and volunteers of Cumbria CVS who kept the organisation functioning in a near normal way, albeit often virtually, to ensure the fullest possible support to all our member organisations. This was superbly demonstrated by the very efficient way our AGM was run virtually with some 66 people taking part, just two weeks after we had successfully launched our new Trustee Network. This was a remarkable statement of “business as usual” in which we should all take great pride. It also sets us up for the coming year during which we will be able to reflect back on what was achieved in adversity and use those experiences to provide even better service in the future to all our member organisations.

As we approach the festive end of the year let us all use this relaxing time spent with our families to refresh and re-energise ourselves for the year ahead. But let us also think of those less fortunate than us who may not be able to enjoy what we have and, if we can, find ways to help them to enjoy this time and remember that much of what we do in the voluntary sector is to help those folk throughout the year and not just now.

May I wish all the staff, Trustees and volunteers in Cumbria CVS and all our member organisations a thoroughly enjoyable, safe and satisfying time over the next few weeks with the traditional greeting of “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year”.

Mike Taylor

Chair Cumbria CVS.