May is on the horizon

New GDPR regulations in relation to Date Protection come into force on 28 May 2018 and these changes require organisations to have clear processes for the safe collection, management and storage of data. We are currently working to ensure that we comply with the regulations, part of which will involve us contacting organisations with regards to communications such as this Ebulletin. We will need to ask you to agree/opt-in to receive this communication – we cannot take it for granted that you wish to receive it anymore – and if you do not respond to the request at all we will need to remove you from our database (for this Ebulletin). This is something that we will need to do for a range of communications and so please do bear with us. We will endeavour to make our request(s) in relation to GDPR as straightforward and comprehensive as possible. In return, we ask that you endeavour to reply.

To support organisations to work through these changes we intend to run further GDPR workshops and will keep you informed as plans develop.

Here’s looking forward to May!

Alison Phillips
Support Services Manager