Pulling Together #teamcumbria

The last week of extreme weather has been another opportunity for us to experience the great spirit of resilience across Cumbria.

I continue to be inspired by the work of the voluntary community…. from the equipped and organised mountain rescues across the county responding in 4×4 vehicles to get nurses and doctors to work … right through to individual volunteers who have braved the cold to help out the vulnerable and elderly within their own communities.  In times like this being a good neighbour is important and small acts of kindness can make a big difference in the lives of others.

As I write this there are still isolated communities and support agencies and groups working hard to open roads, find livestock and bringing supplies to those in remote places.  Times like this make us think about how we cope in hard times when extreme conditions take hold.  It’s another reminder to plan for the unexpected… or in some cases the expected.  Thinking about what you would do, and what your community could do can help bring comfort and strength in a crisis.

In 2016 in the wake of Storm Desmond Cumbria CVS, ACT and CAfS entered into a partnership which is funded by the Big Lottery Fund as a way to try to increase our resilience and networks for future events across Cumbria.  Part of this work was developing templates which can be used to plan for emergency situations.

If you’re interested in developing an Emergency Plan for your community, have a look at the resources on the ACT website and get in touch with them if you want any support:

For an introduction to Business Continuity Planning and how it might help your organisation cope with the unexpected, why not start by watching our short animation?

If you’re interested in how you and your family might plan and prepare for an emergency there are resources on our emergency planning website:

You can also find a Household Emergency Plan leaflet and template on ACT’s website:

For now, stay warm and stay safe and a big thank you to all those who have responded to the wider need.

Best wishes

Laura Cadman
Executive Officer
Cumbria CVS