Tech Talk – May 2022

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How CRMs can boost charity performance

Charity Digital outlines ways that charities can enhance their performance with the help of their CRM system.

Future themes for the charity sector

Explore some of the biggest changes that charities can expect in the next five years, with reference to CRMs, volunteer management, cyber security, etc.

Digital tools for helping digital inclusion

A look at the ongoing digital exclusion challenge facing charities as they try to deliver their services digitally.

Everything you need to know about email marketing

Find out how charities and other organisations can make the most of email marketing software and explore the best options currently on the market, in this handy guide from Charity Digital.

Six impact reports to inspire you

Take a look at six brilliant impact reports that show charities how it should be done.

How financial data can drive impact

Explore how charities can use financial data to communicate their mission impact.

Video: Making a habit of cyber security

A handy video from Charity Digital, explaining the importance of regularly looking after cyber security and how charities can make it part of their routine.

How to host a virtual raffle

Some great tips on how to host a virtual raffle to raise money for your charity, from the regulations you need to know about to how to source prizes.

Tech trends for charities in 2022

What are some of the major tech trends shaping charity work of the future?

How to overcome digital transformation challenges

A successful digital transformation process is not about digitising everything. It’s about overcoming difficult digital challenges that your charity and the people it exists to serve are facing.

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