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Small Charity Week is an annual event, run by the Foundation for Social Improvement.  Small Charity Week is focused on celebrating and raising awareness of the essential work of small charities and the contribution they make to the lives of millions of individuals, communities and causes across the UK and around the world. This year’s Small Charity Week runs from 15 – 20 June 2020.
Covid-19 means that this year Small Charities week will be celebrated virtually.  You can find out about the events that are taking place on the Small Charity Week website.

Here are some of the things that are happening:

Wednesday 17 June:Policy Day
To mark policy day during Small Charity Week, we will be discussing how small charities can build organisational resilience, considering the impact of covid-19. The Charities Aid Foundation, as part of their Resilience Programme, has identified six characteristics of resilience for small and medium sized charities. In this webinar, based on these characteristics, we will share policy insights and practical tips to help strengthen and support small charities in such a challenging climate. We will be joined by policy and impact experts at NCVO, as well as Beth Clarke, CAF’s Resilience Programme Manager.

Thursday 18 June: Charity Speed Mentoring (10.30am – 11.30am)
Media Trust is celebrating Small Charity Week with a Virtual Volunteering Event. In small groups via Zoom, charities will have an opportunity to get free expert 1-to-1 advice with media and communications volunteers who can help you with the communications challenge you are facing.
Each breakout group will focus on a different communications area: Media and Journalism, Social Media and Digital Marketing, and Comms Strategy and Planning.
We have limited places available and the session is first come first served. To secure your place please email

Friday 19 June: Small Charity Big Impact Day 
This year during Small Charity Week we will be using Small Charity Big Impact Day to raise awareness of the incredible impact that UK small charities have locally, regionally, nationally and internationally! During this time, now more than ever the effects our work has is essential, with much of the work you do, as a small charity, going unnoticed – maybe because you are so busy doing and don’t have the time to tell everybody what you’re actually doing!  So rather than celebrating the few we want to hear about the many!

How it works: Using the provided template why not take a photo or record a short (10-20 second) video highlighting the amazing impact you made over the past 12 months. Post it on social media using the hashtag #SmallCharityBigImpactDay.  Download this template to support your efforts: Big Impact Template

Saturday 20 June: Appreciation Day
This year Small Charities Coalition (SCC) want pay tribute to the incredible work of the individuals who work tirelessly to keep their small charity going.
It is essential to our collective wellbeing that we understand that Small Charities contribute enormously to both the immediate response to the COVID-19 pandemic as well as the long term recovery from it. None of the work would be possible without the determination, hardworking and commitment of the volunteers and staff behind small charities. That is why this year we want to pay a special tribute and recognise the achievements of all those who have continued their efforts and to those who have been personally affected by COVID-19.

How it works: In the run up to Appreciation Day, we need small charities to share their thanks by emailing their Appreciation stories to You can also get in touch by using the hashtag #AppreciationDay.

Let’s show our appreciation! We want as many people to be recognised as possible, so we encourage you to spread.

For Twitter include: @SCweek2020 #AppreciationDay
For Instagram include: smallcharityweek #AppreciationDay
For Facebook – You can either contact SCC directly to have your appreciation story shared on the day, or post on our wall with a photo included.


#Never More Needed
In the face of coronavirus, charities are #nevermoreneeded for the support they provide in crisis and beyond, and hope they shape our society for the better.

Never More Needed Campiagn
The government cannot afford to overlook or undervalue the not for profit sector at the moment. As we navigate the worst impacts of the coronavirus outbreak, people across the country are relying on charities, for the essential support they provide and how they shape our society for the better. And society will continue to rely on charities’ expertise and experience in the recovery effort that lies ahead.

A unique role
Charities and other not-for-profit organisations make our communities strongerIn the toughest times, they provide support no-one else can. Their unique role and services are invaluable right now and will be essential when the country begins to heal and re-build as we recover from the initial coronavirus outbreak.

Meeting everyone’s needs and rights
Our response to the crisis must match our values as a country and our hopes for a more equal and compassionate society. What we do and how we allocate resources will only be effective if we include the people, problems and places that are often overlooked. The work we do – and our relationships with communities – shows the need to strive to meet everyone’s needs and rights, right now and during the recovery.

Looking to the future
As we move beyond the acute stage of the coronavirus crisis, we lift up our shared values and use them as a guide for what comes next. Now is the time to choose to build a better future. Every policy and funding decision should lead us to the future we want: a fair and just society where every one of us can thrive.

For further  information and / or to get involved, visit the new website: