Cumbria CVS Trustees

Irenaphotography161014_CVS AGM&FF0038 trustee group ebull

At our AGM we managed to get the majority of our Trustees to pose for a photo. From left to right: Jo Osborne, Lesley Dixon, Daryl Ormerod, Jennie Sutton, Helen Horne (Vice Chair), David Richardson (Chair), Laura Davies, Paul Cookson (Treasurer), Joan Stocker.

Irenaphotography161014_CVS AGM&FF0031 Tom David Lalik ebull

Tom Bell, David Richardson, Lalik Naysmyth

Tom Bell and Lalik Nasmyth have recently served their maximum terms of 6 years as Trustees of Cumbria CVS. They were able to join us at our AGM and are pictured here with Board Chair, David Richardson. Patrick Leonard who was unable to be at the AGM has also now stepped down after serving for 6 years.

Irenaphotography161014_CVS AGM&FF0037 Jo David Jennie ebull

Jo Osborne, David Richardson, Jennie Sutton

At our AGM we welcomed Jennie Sutton to the Cumbria CVS Board of Trustees. Jennie currently combines her training, coaching and speaking business Enabling Success Ltd with working in General Practice as a senior manager. We look forward to her bringing her skills and experience to Board meetings.

Jo Osborne was elected on to the Board, having already served for a number of years as a co-optee. Jo’s particular skills are in HR and marketing.