Build your house on rock (not sand)

Karen BowenIt’s terribly important that a house is built on solid ground. The same applies to your organisation – however big or small. If you don’t get the foundations right, you’ll have trouble building on to them and the walls may come tumbling down.

One of the most important building blocks to consider is also the one most of us fear most, and really don’t want to think about – Finances. This includes bookkeeping, management accounts, payroll, tax, audit – the list is endless, and if you’re anything like me you’d much rather be getting on with the day job than worrying about the minutiae of recording financial transactions. For most of us it’s not until year end, or until something starts to go wrong that we begin to look at our foundations, and wonder if they are robust enough.

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You don’t have to be concerned any more. Right Balance Accounting is here to mop your furrowed brow and lessen your workload. Our Right Balance(d) staff will talk to you, free of charge, about how they can help you.

Perhaps you want an independent examination of your books, you might want someone to handle all your payroll work, or you might need support to ensure that your accounts are in good order and continue to be well maintained – so important when you’re in the business of convincing potential funders that your organisation is well managed and viable into the future.

The Right Balance Accounting team will give you a no-obligation quote, and you may well be amazed by our competitive prices.

As fundamental as price and competence, though, is the fact that the team understand the third/voluntary sector; they know all about the challenges of running a charity and can help you maintain that all important solid foundation that will keep your house standing.

So, say No to crumbling walls. Come to us and tell us your accounting needs. Right Balance is part of Cumbria CVS Trading Ltd. Your concerns are our concerns, and we will help you.

Karen Bowen
Chief Officer