Stay Alert – Control the Virus – Save Lives 

We can all help control the virus if we all stay alert. This means you must:

  • stay at home as much as possible
  • work from home if you can
  • limit contact with other people
  • keep your distance if you go out (2 metres apart where possible)
  • wash your hands regularly

Do not leave home if you or anyone in your household has symptoms.


Community Leaders Pack

This pack is designed to help community leaders to support people in their communities. It aims to give you information on the key messages and where people can access support, with a little more detail and background information than it is possible to include in short press releases and other public information. Community leaders may be informal (someone who’s set up a local support group) or formal (local councillors); the pack might also be useful to other people, including the staff of local voluntary sector organisations.

Download a copy here: Information for Community Leaders November 2020


For full details click here:

Emergency support line for vulnerable people* needing urgent help (updated 26.06.20)
Government have announced changes the shielding advice, including a “pause” in shielding from 1 August. The Cumbria helpline will continue to operate throughout August to support people through this change where needed. More information on the new shielding guidance is in the table here: Relaxation of Lockdown 26.06.20 and on the government website:

The Emergency telephone support line is 0800 783 1966 Alternatively, you can email your request to
The ‘call’ centre will operate Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm and 10am to 2pm at weekends. The service will also accepts referrals from members of the public who may be concerned about people in their community.
Further details about this support service can be found online at

Please note: all information is correct at the time of being made available.

@Together Cumbria

A new countywide twitter account @TogetherCumbria aims to share positive stories and information from Cumbria, lifting morale and showcasing the efforts of people responding to the COVID-19 outbreak. Please follow them and share your positive stories using the hashtags #TogetherWeCan and #TogetherCumbria

 COVID 19 Guidance for Third Sector Organisations

Sections include: General; Volunteering; Funding; Governance; Wellbeing; Organisations/Employers; Training; Other Key Sources; Local/National (Updated 29/06/20)



Summary of easing of lockdown (29/06/20)
We continue to see relaxation of the lockdown arrangement; you can check the current guidance on the government website:

Communities can continue to give their feedback on their experiences of lockdown relaxing via this survey:

Claire King, Consultant in Public Health, has summarised some of the main changes and when they take effect – with links to further information where appropriate: Relaxation of Lockdown 26.06.20

Non-essential shops and services are re-opening (15/06/20)
Shops in England selling non-essential goods will be able to reopen from Monday 15 June. High street retailers and department stores, including clothes shops, charity shops, betting shops, auction houses, antique stores, retail art galleries, photography studios, gift shops and retail spaces in theatres, museums, libraries, heritage sites and tourism sites, mobile phone stores, indoor markets, craft fairs, book shops and electronics retailers will be allowed to open their doors again provided they follow the COVID-19 secure guidelines set out by the government in May.

Retailers will need to take certain steps to protect customers and staff, including limiting the number of customers allowed inside at one time, placing protective coverings on large items such as sofas which may be touched by passing shoppers, and frequently checking and cleaning objects and surfaces. Employers should also display a notice visibly in their shop windows or outside their store to show their employees, customers and other visitors that they have followed this guidance. More info here:

Covid-19 Testing Opportunities Around Cumbria
A range of locations are now being used around Cumbria to encourage people to access testing for Covid-19 in Cumbria.

As well as established centres in Penrith, Preston and Newcastle, there are also mobile military testing sites that rotate around Cumbria. They are part of the national testing scheme and must be booked through the national portal here

The mobile military testing units spend two or three days in a community, and rotate locations to ensure access around the county.

Major Alan Goodenough is from the Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment. He said: “It has been really important that we can get right around the county and we know people appreciate the opportunity to have a test close to home. We are always busy, but want to ensure more people know about the opportunities so people can access them when they need to.”

Details of how to access all testing available to people across the whole of Cumbria can be found at:

For the remainder of June, the military mobile units will be at:

  • Carlisle – Carlisle Swift Bank Car Park, Swift Bank, Carlisle CA1 1JG: 29-30 June
  • Kirkby Stephen – Upper Eden RUFC Westgarth road, Kirkby Stephen CA17 4TF: 29-30 June

You can book a slot here:

Essential workers can book a slot here:

Swabbing is an uncomfortable procedure and young children may find it upsetting Children should only be booked for swabbing if they are likely to have had contact with someone who is covid positive in the previous 14 days. Younger children with a fever may indicate other childhood illnesses, so it is advisable to refer to or call your GP surgery for guidance before booking a test.

There is also a range of other testing activity underway. This includes:

·       Locally-commissioned testing

·      NHS Trust staff are able to access testing through their own organisation.

•     Locally agreed arrangements to test residents and staff of Cumbrian residential or nursing homes

·       Self-testing kits can be ordered online

Face Coverings – what you need to know
Public Health have pulled together a range of information regarding face coverings, which is available here: Face coverings 150620

Support Bubbles – what you need to know
Public Health have pulled together a range of information regarding support bubbles, which is available here: Support Bubbles June 2020

Calculating the ‘R’ number locally
Public Health are getting a lot of queries about whether they have data on the ‘R’ number at a local level (e.g. district level). The simple answer is ‘no’.
Calculating the R rate is very complex. It involves data from lots of different sources. The calculations include information relating to such things as confirmed cases, hospital admissions, deaths, patient surveys and testing. When these are all put together and interpreted by experts they give regional and national R numbers. It is not possible to calculate meaningful R values at a very local level, such as one specific for Cumbria or the districts within Cumbria. This is because some of the data involves such low figures that even a small change in them can, in statistical terms, make a disproportionately big relative difference.

Data is available at district level for total recorded cases (e.g. positive COVID-19 tests) and case rate. See here. Please remember this will not include people who have had COVID-19 but were never tested. It is also influenced by the amount of testing being carried out and who can be tested, for example, nationally the Government has just extended the range of people eligible for testing, so this may result in more positive cases being recorded.

Updated guidance on shielding and protecting people who are clinically extremely vulnerable from COVID-19
Some people have mentioned that they are finding it difficult to interpret the new shielding guidance. This is still the clearest summary I have seen: People who are shielding remain vulnerable and should continue to take precautions but can now leave their home if they wish, as long as they are able to maintain strict social distancing. If a shielded person chooses to spend time outdoors, this can be with members of their own household. If they live alone, they can spend time outdoors with one person from another household. Ideally, this should be the same person each time. If they do go out, they should take extra care to minimise contact with others by keeping 2 metres apart. More information here:

Public Health England ‘Active at Home’ Booklet
Public Health England has produced an ‘Active at Home’ booklet that provides practical guidance to older adults on home-based activities to maintain their strength and balance. It follows concerns that low levels of physical activity in older adults will lead to reduced fitness resulting in loss of independence and need for care in the future. Download a copy here.

5000 hard copies have also been allocated to Cumbria and will be distributed to households via Active Cumbria.

Cumbria Local Resilience Forum: Local leaders thank teams for their hard work to get Community Recovery Centres in Cumbria ready for use
Local leaders have praised the amazing community response to developing Cumbria’s four Community Recovery Centres – from the teams that built the centres to the generous volunteers willing and trained to staff them. Work on the centres took place in early April at a time when hospital admissions were rising rapidly and Cumbria’s Local Resilience Forum partners made a commitment to be ready in case they were needed.
Due to the overwhelming response from people living in Cumbria respecting guidance around social distancing and handwashing, our local hospitals have been able to maintain enough capacity to care for all covid-19 positive patients requiring a hospital admission. When the centres were built we could not be sure that the number of people becoming ill with covid-19 would come down the way it has, and we are now in the very fortunate position of not needing to use the centres.

Change of Service Directory
Cumbria CVS has developed a directory to capture changes in service delivery across local organsiations including closures and new services developed in response to COVID19. To acess this, please click here:

Mental Health and Wellbeing
Please see the attached resource which details both local and national mental wellbeing resources. It has been developed by the Mental Wellbeing.
To download, click here:Mental Health and Wellbeing Directory 280420

Updated guidance on shielding and protecting people who are clinically extremely vulnerable from COVID-19
People who are shielding remain vulnerable and should continue to take precautions but can now leave their home if they wish, as long as they are able to maintain strict social distancing.

Six people can meet outside under new measures to ease lockdown (01.06.20)

Groups of up to six from different households can exercise outside under new rules (01.06.20)

New guidance on the management of staff and exposed patients and residents in health and social care settings
This guidance was published by PHE 01.06.2020:

Frequently Asked Questions (01.06.20)

COVID-19 Easy Read Guides
People First have collected easy read information and valuable resources from a range of respected sources to support adults with a learning disability to stay connected and informed of Covid-19.   You can access these resources here:

COVID-19: guidance for managing a funeral during the coronavirus pandemic

Vegetarian for Life have produced a couple of useful information sheets as follows:Vegetarian Grocery Box Guide

Free hand sanitiser for the third sector on offer from Shed 1 Distillery in Ulverston
Shed 1 Distillery are a micro distillery in Ulverston, Cumbria. Due to COVID-19 we have had to close our doors to the public. However, we have switched production to hand sanitiser. It is being funded by the public who have donated over £5,000 for materials. We are then gifting bottles of sanitiser to organisations, charities and groups in Cumbria. We are using the WHO formula, which means it is a liquid, rather than a gel and is 80% alcohol.

We are waiting for more bottles to be delivered so as of next week we will be able to start delivering again. If you are a group in need of sanitiser, please email with your details and amount you are requesting to We are doing our best to provide as many groups as possible within Cumbria. Also, if you are able to help sourcing appropriate bottles, or know a company that may want to help, please get in touch.


For a full list of VOLUNTEER Guidance, Support and Resources that are available on this website, click here: Volunteer Resources V5 09.11.2020

Volunteering and Recruiting volunteers
Support Cumbria: A central website for anyone interested in volunteering during Covid-19. Click here to register as a volunteer:
Please note: we are anticipating high numbers of volunteers; you will only be contacted when an organisation needs your help but Thank You in advance for offering your time and skills to volunteer!

Need Volunteers?
If your organisation is looking for volunteers for extra help during Covid 19, please contact Cumbria CVS to register these. Please complete and submit the attached Registration Form and return it to Cumbria CVS:

To access our full list of volunteering support, advice and downloadable resources here:



Cumbria CVS Funding Support:
Cumbria CVS can offer support in relation to funding applications, please  Please see our main FUNDING page:

For a full list of  FUNDING Advice, Guidance, Support and List of Funders, please click here:Funding Advice and Resources V3 12062020

Please see our latest Focus on Funding features:
Focus on Funding 09.06.20
Focus on Funding 18_5_20
Focus on Funding 05_05_20

New Funding (June)
There are two recently-launched lottery programmes to which I draw your attention:
which is for grants prioritising the following three groups:

  • Organisations supporting people and communities who experience disproportionate challenge and difficulty as a result of the COVID-19 crisis (inc end of life care)
  • Organisations providing services and support for vulnerable people, for which there will be increased demand as a result of the COVID-19 crisis (inc mental health support/loneliness)
  • Organisations which connect communities and support communities to work together to respond to COVID-19 (inc volunteering, public information, digital development)
  • Grant programme is currently “ongoing” and bids can be for up to £10k or £10k-£100k, solo bid or in partnership with others (but only one bid per organisation and anticipate tight monitoring)
The “emerging futures” fund from TNL – launched on Friday 12.06.20 to support “recovery”:
The grant sizes are £20,000-£50,000 for 3-6months of funding.

It’s a fast turnaround with closing date of 25 June 2020 so may only be suitable for existing ideas/developed plans: “to look at how things are changing, what is needed in this transition, and what is possible in the future”.

Case Studies

Eden Sight Support Funding Case Study

Border Kirk Carlisle Case Study

Cumbria Community Foundation
The Cumbria COVID-19 Response Fund will prioritise funding to charitable projects across the county that are supporting people affected by the virus, helping to keep them safe and supported in their homes and reducing pressure on the NHS. For further details and to apply, visit:
Cumbria Community Foundation Response Fund

COVID19 Funders database and online toolkit
The Charity Excellence Framework has developed a free online toolkit to increase impact and funding and a Covid19 Funders database.


For a full list of GOVERNANCE Advice, Guidance and Support links and resources, please click here: Governance Advice and Resources 18052020

Health and Wellbeing

Wellbeing and mental health during covid-19: a guide to looking after yourself and others
The new the new Covid19 Wellbeing & Mental Health booklet pulled together by Every Life Matters

For a full list of WELLBEING Advice, Guidance and Support links and resources, please click here: Wellbeing Advice and Resources V5 09.11.2020


For a full list of ORGANISATIONAL Advice, Guidance and Support links and resources, please click here: Staff -Employees Advice and Resources V6 20.11.2020

Coaching For Recovery
Cumbria Coaching Network offers Free Coaching Support to Leaders and Employees in Cumbria affected by Covid19
Cumbria Coaching Network is a professional group of coaches who operate in and around Cumbria. Founded in 2004, we promote the benefits of coaching for individuals and organisations and provide peer group support for coaches, with opportunities for Continuing Professional Development (CPD), coaching supervision and maintenance of professional and ethical standards.
Our members are offering their services free of change, to leaders of businesses, charities and public sector organisations and their employees in Cumbria and adjoining areas, who have been affected by the impact of the Covid 19 epidemic. We recognise from our experience that having an independent person with the skills of listening and helping people find their own solutions can be very beneficial in reducing stress, anxiety and tension. The service in confidential.
For full details visit the website:


Recovery College Online – Coping during the Pandemic Course
This course has been developed for everyone in response to the recent global pandemic.
There is information about how to avoid catching/spreading the virus, what immediate feelings you may have and common reactions, managing your mental health at this time, managing isolation and social distancing, self-care, supporting children and young people and some accessible information.
The course is free to access for everyone. You can find the link on our homepage:

British Red Cross online training course for coronavirus volunteers
Whether you’re volunteering with a charity or lending a hand to a neighbour, this step by step guide tells you how to look after yourself and others.

We also have a Coronavirus page on the website:

Other Key Information Sources

Please note that these websites are constantly being updated to reflect new information, advice and guidance and so please do check them frequently for the most up to date information:

For the latest health advice:

For all other advice:

People who are concerned they are suffering symptoms that may be due to Coronavirus can use the tool on the NHS 111 website in the first instance

It may be necessary to self isolate: What is self-isolation and why is it important?

Remember NHS trusted social media accounts have a blue tick.


Cumbria CVS: Support and advice for local third sector organisations/community groups and volunteers:

Cumbria County Council: Support for all local organisations/individuals:

Local Support Directories
Cumbria County Council’s area teams have produced local support directories for each district. They are now listed on on the Local Communities page here under ‘Local Area Updates’. They can also be downloaded from here:

Support Cumbria: A multi-agency supported website supporting volunteers and organisations across Cumbria: Support Cumbria

Community Leaders
Helping community leaders to support people in their communities, giving information on the key messages and where people can access support Information for Community Leaders November 2020

Active Cumbria: The Sports and Physical Activity partnership for Cumbria. Lots of useful advice on how to keep active:

Specific resources for the sport and physical activity sector:

A comprehensive list of activities people can do at this time #StayInWorkOut

Action for Communities in Cumbria (ACT): Advice for rural community groups and village halls:

Cumbria Chamber of Commerce: Advice for businesses and large third sector organisations including a toolkit and information on grants, loans etc.


The National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) has some guidance to help you decide what steps you and your organisation may need to take in light of the spread of the covid-19 virus including updates on sick leave; managing finances and planning for staff/volunteers to work from home:

NESTA: An innovation Foundation. They are looking at how they can support the voluntary and community sector as they respond to COVID-19.

Cumbria Action Fraud: Keep abreast of current (COVID-19) scams:

National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) have removed the paywall to their knowhow resources:

National Association for Voluntary and Community Action (NAVCA): A national perspective:



Workplace Handwashing and Hygiene Poster
Workplace Handwashing and Hygiene A4 Poster (PDF)

Hand Washing Advice: follow the advice around good hand washing practice and put up reminder posters around your building

Eden Project – Community Action Response: 5 things to do: Poster

Pets: Guidance leaflet on Pet Support when self-isolating


 If you have any questions, or ideas on other information that it would be useful to add to this webpage, then please contact:

Alison Phillips –

Or contact our main office on 01768 800350 /