2022 April 29

Chief Exec’s update – May 2022

Dear Colleagues,

This month I wanted to update our members and partners on a few areas of development and opportunity open to us all.

May marks the arrival of “Mental Health Awareness Week” (9-15 May) and I am sure many of our members will be giving a focus to this year’s theme of “loneliness”. So many people have had to withdraw from their usual connections and friendships as a result of the pandemic and this has left an enormous gap in their lives and those who know them.

Cost of Living Crisis – working collectively

Through my job I attend numerous partnership meetings.

Two that have stood out recently are the Copeland Food and Finance Hardship Group and Allerdale Resilience Group. At both of these meetings it really struck me how severe the cost of living crisis is, and for a rapidly growing number of people too, many of whom will have never struggled financially before.