2021 November 30

A time to reflect on our achievements…

So here we are approaching the end of another Covid blighted year with as yet no real confidence of an end in sight. Rather than let that depress us further let’s look back on what we actually achieved in the past year in spite of so many unprecedented challenges.

We saw communities across Cumbria find new ways of working together, new ways of getting jobs done, new ways of communicating with each other and new ways of coping with restricted ways of living of a kind not experienced in most of our lifetimes. This was true of those many thousands who kept the county’s voluntary and community sectors alive, vibrant and functioning to meet peoples’ needs no matter what was thrown at them.

Final request and reminder: Volunteering in Cumbria Video

Our wonderful digital volunteer, Jonny, is creating a short video to highlight the amazing work so many different volunteers and community groups have done in Cumbria during Covid-19.

The aim of  is to raise the profile of volunteering, showcasing different volunteers and groups, the different types of opportunities supported and hopefully encourage new people to volunteer.

Easy options for group finances? Don’t bank on it…

Recently we have been contacted by a number of local groups experiencing difficulties opening bank accounts. Many providers have stopped offering this facility as an unintended consequence of a tightening of banking legislation around money laundering.

This causes a problem as funders often insist on a bank account in the group’s name. This is currently a national issue but we are determined to help local groups in Cumbria resolve this problem. In the meantime, there are a couple of options open to local groups seeking a new account: