2021 August 04

News from Cumbria Arts and Culture Network:

Cumbria Arts and Culture Network has been hosted by Cumbria CVS since 2018. We’re hugely grateful for their valuable support in establishing this amazing group. During the last 3 years we’ve grown significantly, especially since the start of the pandemic. Now it’s time for us to secure our own future as a thriving, growing Network. As a first step, we’re creating a new mailing distribution list which will take effect on 1st August 2021.
So, if you want to keep hearing from CACN, please go to our new website cacn.co.uk and sign up to the new mailing list. Enter your name and email address in the yellow ‘Stay in the Loop’ box. You’ll receive an email asking you to confirm that you want to sign up. Please click ‘yes, subscribe me to this list’. Really quick and simple! https://cacn.co.uk/

My Lockdown Project

In January this year I was asked to contribute to some biographical notes about a distinguished figure, now deceased, who had played some part in my life. Once done it was suggested by others involved that perhaps I should write some account of my own life which has been diverse in terms of locations and activities – implying, but not saying, that perhaps I should do that before the memories faded. Wary as I was of indulging in what could look like a vanity exercise I decided to make the attempt and this became my ‘lockdown project’. By the end of April I had completed an 85 page ‘Memoir’ – not a full blown autobiography but more the anecdotal equivalent of a photograph album.

Local Funding Fairs to return

Cumbria CVS is very pleased to announce the return of local Funding Fairs across Cumbria starting in the South Lakes next month. These popular, face to face events have been put on hold over the last 12-18 months due to the pandemic however, working alongside local and national funders, these will start once again from 29 September 2021.
Although Cumbria CVS has (and will continue) to host the Friday Funding Forums (first Friday of every month) – which often involved input from local and other funders – these locally based events will once again provide a fantastic opportunity for local groups to engage directly with these funders to build a relationship and discuss funding and finance opportunities project developments, new projects and even core funding.