2019 July 01

Area Planning – Working Together on Shared Priorities

This month we begin with the first of a series of articles from Cumbria County Council providing updates on the ‘area planning’ work taking place in some of the main towns in Cumbria. Area planning is all about joining things up in the local area and improving the services people can access in their communities, and so it’s likely that many third sector organisations will be interested in getting involved.  This month the focus is on Eden…..

Third Sector Trends in the North

You are invited to take part in this unique ten year study of the voluntary and community sector which is now running right across the North of England through Durham University. Whether your organisation or group is big or small, flourishing or struggling financially – or just carrying on more or less as normal – they need to hear from you.

Using the findings, Durham University will build a picture of how organisations and groups work, how they get their resources and how they are planning to work in future.