2019 April 01

Making a difference

On Tuesday 19 March NAVCA hosted their inaugural NAVCA Awards, marking the brilliant achievements of member organisations.  Designed to celebrate local infrastructure – the unsung heroes of our sector – nine awards were handed out during the evening. From an impressive shortlist of 28 entries, six voluntary and community sector support organisations from across England were crowned winners on the night.

Managing through change

I was reflecting recently that 2019 is the 29th year of my working life in the Third Sector, and I have learned and been reminded many times that the sector never stands still! On taking up my first role in September 1990 one of the first documents awaiting me on my desk was a green paper, The Charities Bill, which effectively became the Charities Act of 1992 and the platform for many of the changes we have seen to the legal and compliance environment since then. We are always managing change, adapting to what is happening around us. Change Management is also Risk Management, which for several years we have made a standing item on all our CVS board agendas, and I strongly recommend it to all boards as a necessary discipline from which we will always learn.

Inspiring Barrow

Friday 22 March 2019 saw children from year 8 and their families from across Furness gather for a celebration evening after completing the Inspiring Barrow Kickstart programme at the Forum in Barrow.  Kickstart is delivered in after- school sessions and aims to improve skills such as confidence, resilience, teamwork communication and leadership.

Five schools have taken part in the programme which is an expansion from previous years with Ulverston Victoria High School and Dowdales joining Walney School, St Bernard’s Catholic High School and Furness Academy.

Cumbria Arts and Culture Network elect Chair and Deputy Chair

Cumbria Arts and Culture Network Chair and Deputy have now been appointed: Richard Foster (Brewery Arts) will assume the role of Chair, supported by Catherine Coulthard (Prism Arts) as Deputy – congratulations to both!
The Cumbria Arts and Culture Network will meet on 2 May  – part of this meeting will be devoted to the Chair exploring with network members how they can work together and support each other.
If you are interested in joining the mailing list for this and other networks (including network updates and invitations to meetings), please contact Laura Rutter: laurar@cumbriacvs.org.uk or 01768 800350.

Health Partnerships Officer – almost one year on

I came into post as Health Partnerships Officer back in May 2018. By the end of the first six or seven months I was beginning to wonder just what I had achieved apart from a very bruised forehead and stubbed toes from hitting endless brick walls! I was truly delighted when in November things started to change quite dramatically. Since then the third sector has begun to find its self a welcome partner within the world of health and has been given some real opportunities to work with and alongside health at a strategic and very local level.