2018 September 05

Working Together

Dare I say that summer seems to have passed in a flash, with today’s weather feeling very much like Autumn has arrived (all too soon), but I remain ever hopeful of a return to sunnier weather in September.

Well, this is my first Ebulletin article written in the Laura’s absence. As many of you will know she is currently off work ill and awaiting an operation, but we’re looking forward to welcoming her back hopefully around the end of September.
Apologies that this Ebulletin is a week later than normal – one or two technical hitches have led to delays.

World’s Biggest Coffee Morning

Cumbria CVS is hosting a Macmillan World’s Biggest Coffee Morning on Friday 28 September from 10am – 11.30am to help raise funds for people facing cancer.

As well as cakes, coffee and chat, there will be a ‘Cake off’ and so entries from budding bakers are encouraged.  The winner will receive the much prized’ Born to Bake’ badge, this year’s  must have trophy.  There will also be opportunity to take part in a quiz, along with other opportunities to have some fun and eat cake!