2018 July 31

Good Governance and Trusteeship

Governance is defined as being: ‘The systems and processes concerned with the overall direction, effectiveness, supervision and accountability of an organisation’ (Good Governance: A code for the Voluntary and Community Sector).

Ensuring we have the best stewardship for our charities is no new aspiration. It is a good balance of strong and capable management and effective and supportive governance, together providing a winning formula that creates opportunity and enhances the success of an organisation. Achieving this has to be the goal of every trustee, every chair and every senior manager of a managed charity.

Cumbria CVS seeks new trustees

At Cumbria CVS, we highly value our trustees and their input to the development of the organisation.  Each year we review our board including diversity and skill requirements and invite new trustees to join us based on the gaps identified.  It is important to us to have diversity to try and fully represent our members, our sector and also the demography of our county.