The Specialist Networks

The specialist networks are shown as the ‘slices’ of the diagram, and comprise groups of third sector organisations with a common interest. The “outer wheel” gives areas of broad interest, whilst the “inner wheel” names infrastructure organisations and networks that already exist. Most, but not all, areas are currently covered.

Each specialist network selects a representative to attend meetings of the Cumbria Third Sector Executive.

Each specialist network must meet minimum standards relating to their membership and selection/support of representatives. However, beyond these minimum standards, there is wide variation between the networks. Some “networks” are in fact the membership of an organisation. Some only exist as email networks with minimal staff support; others may meet regularly.

TSN Diagram Oct 15

Email contact details for each Specialist Network are given below:


Specialist Network

Contact Details

Generic Third Sector Support Laura Cadman
Children and Young People Cath Clarke
Environment Graham Jackson-Pitt
Rurality Lorrainne Smyth
Equality and Diversity (BME) Aftab Khan
Equality and Diversity (Disability) Mark Tennant
Equality and Diversity (LGBT) Richard Kavanagh
Faith Helen Boothroyd
Art and Culture (Third Sector Network Executive Representative)
Currently recruiting
Art and Culture Catherine Coulthard (Interim Chair of Cumbria Arts and Culture Network)
Sport and Physical Activity Becky Underwood
Economy and Enterprise Rob Randell
Transport Liz Clegg
Health and Wellbeing John Brown (Chair of Cumbria Action for Health Network and Third Sector Network Executive Representative)
Health and Wellbeing Mary Bradley (Third Sector Network Executive Representative)
Health and Wellbeing (Third Sector Network Executive Representative)
Currently recruiting
Advice and Information Martin Telford
Training and Learning Currently Vacant
Volunteering Judith Smale
Housing John Clasper
Safer Communities Abigail Finnegan (Third Sector Network Executive Representative)
Safer Communities Aftab Khan (Chair of Safer Future Communities Network)