Cumbria Third Sector Network

Cumbria Third Sector Network diagram

Cumbria Third Sector Network: Independent Chair
Cumbria Third Sector Network brings together community groups, voluntary organisations and social enterprises from across Cumbria, providing a structure to engage with local public sector leaders and giving the sector a voice in the planning of local services.
We’re looking for a Chair to take on the challenge of providing coordinated leadership for the broad range of individuals and organisations within Cumbria’s Third Sector, advocating and influencing on behalf of the sector across a range of strategic partnerships including the Cumbria Leadership Board.
This opportunity comes at an exciting time for the sector, with the prospect of a devolution of power to Cumbria, and onwards to local communities.
This role provides an exciting opportunity for an individual who wants to make a difference to Cumbria. It is primarily a voluntary position – although we will reimburse reasonable expenses, and there is a small (£2750 pa) honorarium available – and we anticipate it involves a day of a week of activity. It is a 5 year appointment.

To apply, download the relevant documents:

(Or telephone 01768 800350 for an application pack.)
The application deadline is 12 noon Monday 13 June 2016.
Interviews will take place on Tuesday 21 June 2016.

Cumbria Deal
On 4 September 2015, the leaders of the Cumbrian public sector, supported by the private sector led Local Enterprise Partnership and colleagues from partner organisations, have submitted an expression of interest to Government. It outlines those areas where it may be possible to negotiate a deal with Government to increase economic growth and improve the way public services are delivered in Cumbria.

Over the next few weeks and months negotiations with Government will take place to see if agreement can be reached. Nothing is certain, but these high-level propositions, if agreed as a package, have the potential to deliver real benefit to visitors and to the people, communities, and businesses of Cumbria.

You can download:

Cumbria Third Sector Network

The Cumbria Third Sector Network is the mechanism for involving third sector organisations in planning. “Third Sector” is a term that describes all not for profit organisations that are outside of the public sector. These include charities, community groups, sport associations and social enterprises. The Network provides a structure for selecting representatives of Cumbria’s Third Sector, and for communicating and consulting with the broad sector.

Cumbria Third Sector Network, shown around the outside of the diagram, is a “network of networks”, and potentially includes every third sector organisation in Cumbria. Its membership comprises members of each specialist network referred to below. Membership details are held by each of those networks individually, and there is currently no overall membership list.

The purpose of the Network is to provide a mechanism for communication with the broader third sector in Cumbria. For example, to host consultation events of general interest to third sector organisations, for representation of the sector, and for lobbying on its behalf.

Your contacts are:

Independent Chair Dr Will Williams
07921 852318
Deputy Chair Andy Beeforth
01900 820821
Network Coordinator Carolyn Otley
01768 800350

Please contact Carolyn in the first instance.


Specialist Networks

View details of each specialist network.

Cumbria Third Sector Executive

Cumbria Third Sector Executive provides a focus for representation, lobbying and leadership for Cumbria’s third sector.

It is made up of a representative from each of the specialist networks, and has the ability to co-opt additional members who have a significant representation of leadership role in Cumbria’s third sector.

Download the latest minutes:

Report of the Cumbrian Commission on Welfare Reform
The Cumbrian Commission on Welfare Reform, which was led by Cumbria Third Sector Network on behalf of Cumbria Leaders Board, has now published its findings. These can be downloaded from the links below:

Third Sector Trends Study (November 2015)
From Tony Chapman
Policy & Practice, St Chad’s College
Durham University

This report provides a digest of findings from the Northern Rock Foundation Third Sector Trends study. The paper focuses on the situation in Cumbria, but provides some comparative evidence from North East England and Yorkshire and the Humber to strengthen understanding of how the third sector is faring in the county.
Unlike previous working papers, which have been more analytical in content, this report simply provides readers with key statistics to improve sector intelligence.

Download the full report here

Local Health and Wellbeing Fora in Cumbria
There are five Health and Wellbeing Fora in Cumbria – Allerdale, Copeland, Eden, Barrow and South Lakeland (Carlisle has a Health City Steering Group as it has ‘Healthy City’ status).

The Fora are recognised by the Cumbria Health and Wellbeing Board as a local influencer and to explore effective methods of working with localities. The fora have a specific remit of having an overview of local issues, providing a means of bringing together partners, and connecting with local communities to mobilise resources to impact on health and wellbeing. They have a key role of ensuring that locality issues are represented at the Public Health Alliance and Cumbria Health and Wellbeing Board.

Link to the Health and Wellbeing Fora updates (produced for the Public Health Alliance):